No app to download

Easy to use, 1-click, no time wasted. No commitment.


Free delivery

Your order will arrive between 12 -12:30, right to your office. No tips, no minimums, and at the same price you would pay at the restaurant.


Variety of restaurant options

Options change daily from the best local restaurants.

How It works?

Daily menu sent

Fresh menu sent to your phone. Different menu everyday. Based on your food preferences.

Place your order

Place your order simply by replying to the sms with the order option.
Place your order simply by replying to the sms

Lunch arrives

We will text you when your lunch is delivered and you can pick it from reception desk.

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Create A Team

Refer 9 other colleagues from your office to begin receiving deliveries to your office. We ask you to do this so that we can offer you free delivery service. In return, you are helping to reduce the carbon footprint by having only one delivery vehicle.